If you are interested in your Genealogy, the society endeavours to answer queries however the sheer volume and amount of research involved makes it impossible to answer all of them. This section aims to help those to research their family history.

How to Trace your Family Tree

This is a quick but effective method for most of us who set out to trace our family tree. As our knowledge of the methods and available resources increase, then we can go into other ways of increasing the detail behind the names and data available. Remember new and previously unseen resources are continually being produced.

Genealogy or the research of our family history is meant to be fun and enjoyable but it does take time. These initial steps are mainly cost free and you will get a quick return on the work you put into the research.

It is important to remember that the resources available may not be 100% accurate – variances in spelling and/or dates may occur. Further detailed information is available at This is a very useful website and provides more detail to other sources and also background to these sources.

Remember to record all your findings and file them accordingly. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

Steps when researching family history

Step 1- Ask family members and/or friends:
Ask family relatives and friends the names of grandparents etc and their details. Visit graveyard(s) and get details.

Step 2 – 1901 & 1911 Census
Research the 1901 & 1911 Census online

Step 3 – Griffiths Valuation
Research The Griffiths Valuation online

Step 4 – Research Church records
Visit your local church/parish centre

Step 5 – Research Births, marriages and deaths (BMD)
Research the website of The Church of Latter-Day Saints (

Step 6 – Civil Records
Research civil records at General Records Office (GRONI) and Public Records Office (PRONI) and the other genealogy websites shown below.

Some useful Genealogy Websites

Brian Mitchell, genealogist with Derry City and Strabane District Council offers free genealogy advice:

1901 & 1911 census:

Griffiths Valuation:

Births, Marriages & Deaths:

PRONI – Church Records:

General Records Office, Belfast (Use search facility)

General Registry Office, Ireland:

Tithe Applotment Books:

County Websites:

All records:

Ulster Historical Foundation
The Ulster Historical Foundation is a long-established, highly reputable research and publishing agency. It is an educational non-profit organisation. It offers extensive knowledge on the sources available for tracing Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors. Click here to visit the website.

North of Ireland Family History
The objective of the Society is to foster an interest in family history with special reference to families who have roots in the North of Ireland and their descendants, wherever they may be. Click here to visit the website.


The ‘Family History in North-West Tyrone’ handbook is a self help guide for those wishing to trace their ancestors in north-west Tyrone. It provides all the sources and methodologies that exist within the district to help you to conduct your research. Please contact the Society via the online form for more information about this booklet and how best to attain a copy.