Strabane & World War I

Strabane & WWI

Strabane History Society has been researching local newspapers of 1914/1915; Strabane Weekly News and Strabane Chronicle.

We have recorded entries found in these newspapers of those who were involved in WW1 for the period from approximately August 1914 to December 1915. We have also included data from other websites which we consider refer to the people mentioned.

We accept that there may be discrepancies in this initial research and hence the reason why we need your help.

We are trying to gather more background information on these people documented and would encourage those who have relevant additional individual and family information to come forward and help us to improve this database.

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Please contact any member of the Project Group via the Strabane History Society’s Contact Us form. We will take the appropriate steps to update the database which you can view by clicking here.

Thank you.

Members of Project Group

John Dooher William Allen Hugh McGarrigle
Michael G. Kennedy Jimmy Johnston John Rogan
Pat McGuigan Ronnie Johnston

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