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  1. Elma McDevitt

    What a delight for me to see the Northern Bank in photograph number 12 … my father Robert Graham (“Bob” to his pals) was the manager there 1942-1945 approx. We lived in the Bank House and I attended Miss Young’s Girls’ School. My teacher at that time was Miss Glass AND! my cloakroom peg was number 29!!! I recall many names from those bygone days – my ‘special friend’ was Jean Huston. She had a younger sister, Florrie, and one older – Annie (I think!) There were also brothers in the family. I remember lots of others in the school whose names I would gladly supply. If anyone recalls Miss Young’s school or any of the pupils of that time.I would be absolutely delighted to know. My name at that time was Elma Graham and I had an older sister, June. We were only in Strabane for 2-3 years and then moved on by the Northern Bank. I would hugely appreciate any contact with “Those Days.” Happy memories of “old Strabane” which include skaters on the canal when it was frozen!!


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